Social Media Secret Of Making Your Audience Better

Social Media Secret Of Making Your Audience Better

When building a social media audience a lot depends on whether you are acquiring followers in bulk or attracting people who genuinely care about your brand. There is a huge difference between number of followers and how many of them engage with you on regular basis. In fact, it’s far better to have lesser number of people who keep up with your every move, than to have huge numbers with only a few hundred actively engaging.

With the increase of social media marketing, specifically the influencers on these platform, we can clearly see the difference between people who know how to create engaging content, and those who seem to be lost in translation. Today’s influencers are investing more time than ever in developing the valuable content they post.

So, what’s the secret of building a strong brand on social media, and attract valuable followers?

Motive (WHY?)

In the first place be clear with your motive behind doing this.
“It’s great to have a lot of followers on social media and all, but if someone asks for an advice to do the same for themselves, I always say why. WHY plays the most vital role and a lot depends on this.”

If you aren’t sure of WHY you want to invest in building a brand for your company or for yourself, then there is a high chance you’re going to end up with nothing or spend tough time in understanding whom you ultimately want to reach (i.e. Your target audience).



Be the real you.

Even though social media is not a personal experience it is all about how authentic people think you are.

Something that works for others might not work well for you. Most of the influencers social media reflect their personality on their pages or posts. Simply following footsteps of others will be draining for you personally and in a longer run might feel fake to your audience. A true engagement is a lot more about just being who you are as a brand or as a person. People can tell the difference, especially in video.”

Increase in the demand of video content (and the fact that it will keep growing), raises a question as to why some platforms perform better than other? and the answer always comes back to AUTHENTICITY.


Frequency of your updates.

If you’re not updating, posting or creating social media updates every day, don’t be surprised if you see the engagement graph go down slowly.

The most difficult part is to keep people coming back to your page. With irregular social media schedules you’re doing no good to your social media. Audiences who engage with your content, always want more and new. They want you to be consistent in creating new content. So if you intend to build a real audience around your brand, you have to commit to a well planned social media practice.

If you think consistency is the easiest part, let us understand that this is where many aspiring influencers fail. It’s not easy to create new content and invest time to post on various platforms on a daily basis. But it’s also one of the major reasons why influencers rise to the top as compared to others.

Let us help you in planning your social media routine.



As much as you would like to see people engage with your content and social media pages, they expect almost the same from your end.

Update, Respond, Engage and Repeat.

Engaging with your audience is a crucial part of the growth process. This is something a lot of new social media enthusiasts miss out on or just ignore. If you have ever wanted to be a social media star with likes, followers and comments flooded pages, or if you want your audience to care about what you say or post, then you need to care about engaging them by responding to their queries, questions, suggestions and comments too.

It is a two way relationship.



For a social media beginner with no or less number of active audience the best way to grow is to collaborate with people who have strong social media presence. A barter where each one of you get introduced to each others followers. Create a win/win scenario.

This tactic comes with some controversy wherein people often fear of losing their followers. A suggestion is that you find some influencer with different subject topic, where it will not impact their or your followers. Collaboration is one of the fastest ways to grow your social media presence.