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And a few negative comments about your business or brand here and there on the Internet does not shake your feet? Think again and  this time think harder. Online world is now the real world and Google company has the greatest ‘reputation engine’. Online images of the brands,  or a  companies or an individuals has a far reaching outcomes as of today and could mean the difference between the rise and fall. These negative comments and chats are available in the public domain, they are easily accessible to any user in the digital world, and it creates an instant impressions about the brands, their products,  an organisations or an individuals.

Once there is a negative comments online about you or your brands , unlike yesterday it leaves the Web.

It is utmost important to know that a dissatisfied customer, the brand's loyal and even the brands champion today all online, and you definitely need to know them. ORM(online reputation management) currently monitors the online sentiments, they also manage the contents in your favor and eventually promotes the brand in various aspects. The idea is to nullify the negative impressions or even erode them and to maximize and highlight the positive experiences by anyone which will create more brands loyal eventually promote the positive brands impression. This effort of generating positive impression has to be honest and transparent. And of-course, it will take its own time.

Take an initiative and Google your name. Few of the first pages of Google will reflect the strongest sentiments of your online reputation. And if there is something to be worried of on any online search engine; whom are you gonna call??

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