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Your customers can be anywhere – different locations, devices, consuming different content,

and importantly on different social media. As you choose your SEO strategy with the most

up-to-date tactics, you’ll need to address that elephant in the room: LOCAL SEO

New research proves that educational content marketing has a massive,

lasting impact on how likely consumers are to purchase,

as well as brand trust and affinity.

Discover key insights like:

Consumers who read a brand’s educational content are 131% more likely to purchase from that brand.

One week after reading content, customers were still 48% more likely to buy.




Tip 1: Get listed on Google My Business.

Make sure your profile is complete and keep it up-to-date. Once you get verified through

Google (they’ll either call or send you a letter), you can get basic data regarding

how people are finding you and where they’re coming from. click here



Tip 2: Use Google Posts in your Google My Business account.

In June, Google launched Google Posts in every GMB account. Now, businesses can

post updates about deals, local offerings, and upcoming events through their

Google My Business account.



active users - as of 2016

Tip 3: Update your NAP & content regularly and make them consistent across all channels.

It’s not enough to stay on top of your Google My Business listing — you need to make

sure your contact and location information & content is updated and consistent across

your website, social media pages, review sites and directory listings.



Tip 4: Optimize your URL, tags & content.

Your URL, title tags, headers, meta descriptions and content should include your city or

region and the target keyword of the page they describe. This tells Google what

geographical location the page is relevant to and what content is on the

page - and it helps them index your page accordingly.



Tip 5: Get more relevant reviews for your business.

Ninety percent of people in a Zendesk survey said their buying decisions were influenced by online

reviews, and Moz estimates that online reviews make up 10 percent of how Google decides

to rank your page. This makes your presence on the major review sites critical.





It is also very important to stay on top of your visitors flow and the

way they interact with your site, which will help you plan a better

marketing strategy for the future. Want to see a great local search 

strategy in action? See how FiHD's ALT can help you achieve it.